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(2006) directed by Joachim Roenning
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The film tells the story of Maria Alvarez and Sara Sandoval. Maria is a poor farm-girl whose father is being forced off his land by a cruel US land baron, Tyler Jackson. Sara is the wealthy daughter of the owner of the nearby properties, and has recently returned from Europe where she attended school. In one fell swoop, both Maria's and Sara's fathers fall under attack by the baron, (Sara's father is killed, Maria's is shot but survives) giving him free rein in the nearby territories. As an act of revenge, Maria and Sara become bank robbers, stealing and giving back to the poor Mexicans who had lost their lands.

At first the two are catty and quick to fight over the smallest matters, but under the tutelage of famed bank robber Bill Buck they learn to trust each other. Maria turns out to be a crack shot while Sara can barely hold a gun, but Sara shows that she is an expert with throwing knives.

Angered by the recent attacks by the newly infamous 'Bandidas' Jackson brings in a specialist, criminal investigator, Quentin Cooke. It doesn't take long for Sara and Maria to hear of this, and they quickly capture Cooke and convince him to help them. He has already figured out that Sara's father was murdered, so realises that his employer is actually a criminal.

Now there are three robbers, each playing their part in bigger, more ambitious heists. As time goes on, each of the girls compete for Quentin's affections, but he rebukes them since he's engaged. In a move to make the money they've stolen useless, Jackson moves the gold that backs the money on a train up towards U.S. territories. Midway, he decides to steal the gold, betraying the Mexican government.

The Bandidas manage to hunt him down, but when they get their chance to kill him, they can't feeling it would make them no better than him. Jackson manages to draw his gun and almost gets a shot off at Maria but Sara shoots first, finishing the villain off. In the end Quentin ends up with his fiancee and Maria and Sara ride off into the sunset, their eyes set on Europe where the banks are, according to Sara, "bigger".